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Foodscapes is run by school lunch program veterans who recognized a desire among schools to offer novel and nutritious dishes that would appeal to kids, while meeting the strengthened National School Lunch Program requirements. While the National School Lunch Program is designed to provide healthier food, we know that many nutritious foods get thrown away. Waste is a big problem. Foodscapes identified an innovative solution. By thinking beyond the borders, we’ve developed products that minimize the likelihood of waste, maximize nutrition, and appeal to kids’ sense of adventure while catering to their particular palates. Our products deliver authentic high quality global cuisine with inherent nutritional value that stand out on the menu, tastes great, and meet credit requirements. But will kids be on board? We are certain they will. Foodscapes products are regularly sampled by school kids and adjusted to get the highest acceptance (usually over 80%) without lowering the nutritional content. In short, kids love this food without realizing that it’s so good for them. Foodscapes is a part of Glanbia plc, a $4 billion global performance nutrition and ingredients group. Being part of a larger company, we have robust R&D and quality departments and a dedicated supply chain team to ensure we are providing exceptional products in a reliable and timely manner.

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