Our Recipes

Berbere Moroccan Pita

For an authentic taste of Tangiers, our Moroccan Pita uses our Berbere Credit Booster with chickpeas and rice paired with pulled or grilled chicken and muhammara sauce to bring the tastes of the Straits of Gibraltar straight to your lunchroom. A wholesome meal that satisfies credit requirements, keeps your students happy, and is easy to prepare and serve.

Berbere Chicken Injera

Blending traditional flavors with a distinctly east African flatbread, our Barbere Chicken Injera is a classic east African-inspired dish. Using our Barbere Credit Booster, this Foodscapes create an authentic and delicious meal. Serve with pulled chicken and green vegetables for a taste experience your kids will ask for often..

Berbere Chicken Entree

Inspired by a traditional Ethiopian recipe, our Berbere Credit Booster offers a chili blend that draws from the prevalent flavors of east Africa, while blended to ensure the flavors are amenable to American palates. The chicken entrée is a simple blend of our Berbere Credit Booster blended with white and brown rice, chickpeas and paired with chicken.