Our Recipes

Southwest Taco Salad

Our Southwest Taco Salad is a vegetarian take on a healthy, and zesty mealtime winner. Add chicken, pork or beef and this vegetarian option becomes a high protein salad option that ensures the kids are getting the nutrition requirements they need.

Southwest Nachos

Our variation of a Mexican classic is a new twist on a favorite among so many students around the country. Typical nachos can be devoid of flavor, but with our Southwest Credit Booster, the tastes of the desert come through and transform a lunchroom staple into something spectacular.

Southwest Pork Entree

Our Southwest Pork Entrée made with the Southwest Credit Booster is not like a typical school entrée: Our chef-created Credit Booster brings the complex flavors to your kitchen and all you need to do is simply add it to a typical grain or legume for a flavorful and nutritious meal.

Southwest Burrito

Well-known burritos made with our Southwest Credit Booster come out tastier, with more protein, and are sure to quickly become a favorite in your cafeteria. When you mix black beans and white and brown rice with our Southwest Credit Booster you can maximize credits, reduce sodium, and ensure kids enjoy the delicious and nutritious food they’re being served.